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2011 NYCDCC Officer Election Results

2011 NYCDCC Officer Election Results - Dec 16, 2011

Ballots: 19711 mailed-out; 5133 received; 119 "set-aside"; 5014 counted.

Votes: EST: BILELLO 2932, Franco 1739. Pres: LEBO 1939, Tyzner 1829, Kelty 1126. VP: CAVANAUGH 2678, Schuler 2187.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


The 2011 NYCDCC Officer election is via mail-in-ballot.
Ballots will be mailed-out Mon, Nov 21, 2011.
Ballots must be returned by Thu, Dec 15, 2011.
Vote top-line Franco for EST

Vote Kelty for President
Please mail-back your ballot ASAP to ensure receipt by Thu, Dec 15, 2011.

  • Democracy
  • 50/50 - The Union and the Contractors are a partnership and we should meet each other half-way
  • Better Organizing and Increased Job Opportunities:
    •    Educating and empowering all members to be an army of volunteer organizers
    •    Cover all markets from Hvy Commercial/Industrial/Highway to Residential to Manufacturing
    •    Cover more skills without trade raiding
    •    Prevent other trades from raiding our work
    •    Coordinating with other trades
    •    NYC Community Board involvement and influence
    •    Political involvement and influence
    •    'Smarter' contracts, such as PLA's that require contractors to have an apprenticeship and training programs for their workers
  • Informing, Educating, Empower the membership
  • Transparency: In-house and On-line
  • NYC local union members coming off our OWL first, then others
  • Contract ratification by the rank and file
  • Council Representatives covering their craft

  • Tyranny; McCarron;
  • Corporatism - Labor union as an employment agency
  • Cronyism - appointing to positions solely based upon relationship rather than ability/competency
  • Full Mobility
  • Pre-Apprenticeship/Helper/Scrapper
  • Local union consolidation without the approval of the members
  • PLA's with lower wages, benefits, and working conditions
  • Benefit Cuts, particularly for retirees
  • UBC Appointees

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