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2011 NYCDCC Officer Election Results

2011 NYCDCC Officer Election Results - Dec 16, 2011

Ballots: 19711 mailed-out; 5133 received; 119 "set-aside"; 5014 counted.

Votes: EST: BILELLO 2932, Franco 1739. Pres: LEBO 1939, Tyzner 1829, Kelty 1126. VP: CAVANAUGH 2678, Schuler 2187.

Mail-Out 1

:: Make the Better Choice Vote Top Line ::
::Elect Dan Franco NYCDCC EST::

Make Dan Franco our next
Executive Secretary-Treasurer (EST)
The 2011 NYCDCC Officer election is via mail-in-ballot.
Ballots will be mailed-out Mon, Nov 21, 2011.
Ballots must be returned by Thu, Dec 15, 2011.
Please mail-back your ballot ASAP to ensure receipt by Thu, Dec 15, 2011.

My name is Dan Franco. I am running for Executive Secretary-Treasurer (EST) to the District Council of NYC and Vicinity (NYCDCC), United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBCJA).

I joined Local Union 257 in October of 1989 at the age of 19. I enrolled in the NYCDCC Labor Technical College (LTC) as a first-year apprentice and subsequently completed my four-year apprenticeship.

From late 2001 on I began to do research on our union, labor history, and politics. I began to learn many things that weren't known and still aren't known by most members. The early 2000's is when I learned of the 1990 US v NYCDCC et al lawsuit, from which the 1994 Consent Decree originates. I learned of additional criminal activity and of the many problems and difficulties we face within our carpenters union through via old newspaper articles and other lawsuits.

Having learned all that I did since 2001, in August 2008 I began to ask whether anyone knew who would be running against the Unity Team. Since I received no information whether any one was running against the Unity Team, I decided that the election could not go uncontested and that I was going to run for EST against Forde. Soon after, I had allied with two other members to form a slate to oppose the Unity Team, which included Ulric Todman for President and William Davenport for Vice President. While we three came together for the first time and while we may not have completely agreed on how to deal with all our issues, there was one thing we unequivocally did agree upon – that the Unity Team must be opposed and their failures and wrongdoing revealed. Many members wished us luck, but thought that it was shear folly since we had no chance to win the election. However, for me it wasn't about winning the 2008 election. It was about informing the members about the Unity Team's failures. It was about not letting the Unity Team go uncontested. It was about exposing the Unity Team's failures and to question their motives helped members to see beyond their veil of secrecy, lies, theft. It was about standing up against what is wrong while knowing there was no chance of being elected. It was about empowering the members to stand-up together. While many members thought of not being elected as a loss, I and other members thought and always will think that just simply standing-up against what is wrong is just simply the right thing to do. And regardless of whether we win or lose and election, we all win when incompetence and corruption is brought to light and remedied.

It is my solemn promise that I will: competently and honestly perform the duties of the EST; to uphold the principles of unionized labor; continue to work for what is right and correct what is wrong; and to stand against tyranny and corruption. It is my experience and understanding that an injury to one is a concern to all and that labor conquers all. If we all work together we will achieve our objectives, whatever they may rightfully be.

Elect Dan Franco EST if you want the EST candidate that is the most:
  • capable
  • communicative
  • comprehensive thinker
  • conscientiousness
  • corruption-resistant
  • decisive
  • dedicated
  • democratic
  • detailed/ accurate
  • diligent
  • enduring/ persistent
  • honorable and trustworthy
  • humble
  • idealistic but pragmatic
  • independent but co-operative
  • intelligent
  • open-minded
  • persistent/ tireless
  • principled
  • pro-active
  • qualified
  • respectful but frank
  • truthful but discrete

Elect Dan Franco EST if you want the EST that:

  • is a Unionist. Agitate, Educate, Organize. Inform, Empower, Act. “An injury to one is the concern of all.”
  • seeks to implement systems that detect, notify, prevent, and remedy incompetence and/or corruptions.
  • will never to be 'bought and paid for'.
  • will not just seek change but correction. To remedy root causes rather than merely treat symptoms.
  • will not seek or accept employment at any non-NYCDCC labor org. while EST.
  • Is out-spoken against and opposes tyranny, which includes McCarron.
  • is pro-democracy and seeks direct membership vote for all NYCDCC and UBCJA officers.
  • will continue working toward the eradication of corruption within our union at all levels - local, council, and international.
  • seeks membership ratification of collective bargaining agreements (CBA's) and NYCDCC By-Laws.
  • seeks to reform the Out-Of-Work-List (OWL) system to operate better
  • seeks to modify the OWL so that NYC local union members are selected prior to others.
  • seeks to correct the proposed shortages in the Benefit Funds.
  • seeks to implement a skills assessment system to determine competency for newly organized members and members rejected by employers for supposed incompetency.
  • simultaneously works for the betterment of individual members and the membership as a whole.
  • opposes cronyism. A member must not attain any elected or appointed position for which s/he is not qualified for simply being family or a friend.
  • will oppose any agreement where our wages, benefits, and/or working conditions regress. If we cannot progress then at the very least we must stand our ground and maintain our current standards.
  • opposes 'Full Mobility'. Authored petition that requests Judge Berman deny 'Full Mobility'.
  • opposes Pre-Apprentice/ Helper/ 'Scrapper' positions. This position lowers our standards, which only compounds our problems.
  • will report to the membership how the their delegates voted.
  • will attend at least two regular monthly meetings per year of each of the NYCDCC affiliated local unions.
  • will continue to attend US v NYCDCC et al (1:90-cv-5722) court conferences and provide activity reports to the membership.
  • will provide greater disclosure/transparency of all representational NYCDCC activities and financings while protecting confidential/personal information.
  • will report quarterly the accountings of the Benefit Funds to the membership in writing.
  • will report quarterly the accountings of the UBC and NYCDCC per capita taxes to the membership in writing.
  • will report quarterly the accountings of the assessments (1% and $0.60) to the membership in writing.
  • will reevaluate the Area Standards/ Organizing Department in order to produce better organizing efforts.
  • will report at least quarterly organizing activities to the membership in writing.
  • seeks without trade raiding, to add more skills and cover all construction markets for more employment opportunities.
  • will be accountable and responsive to members.
  • will host at least quarterly NYCDCC meetings, open to all affiliated members, at which free and open constructive criticism and debate about our union will be encouraged.
  • will actively solicit and act upon the concerns and interests of members via membership surveys. Get ready to vote and vote often.
  • will inspire and educate before forcing mandates and fining.
  • is an advocate for better safety and health measures. At the end of every work day every worker should be able to leave their job wholly intact and healthy.
  • seeks to significantly update the NYCDCC website.
  • seeks to use computer technology to efficiently and widely provision information. Members who provide their email address and/or texting number will actually be emailed and/or texted.
  • seeks to reduce the cost of provisioning of information and notification via electronic means where possible and allowable by law.
  • has corresponded via email, print, phone and in-person numerous times with RO Walsh, US attorneys, US DOL, Spencer, Ballantyne, Mack, Walker; to a lesser extent McCarron and Callahan; as well as other union and government personnel.
  • seeks to set-up and in-house library with all available documents related to the NYCDCC and current and past affiliate LUs, such as council and local union bylaws, US DOL LM reports, 990's, 5500's, lawsuits, newspaper articles, etc.
  • seeks to provide more frequent communication. In addition to the quarterly NYCDCC Magazine, I intend to have produced a printed monthly newsletter with weekly/daily updates on the NYCDCC website.
  • will provide service divorced from partisan politics, race, or sex.
  • knows the Consent Decree.
  • knows the Stipulation and Order Regarding Appointment of a RO.
  • knows the UBC Constitution.
  • knows the 2000 NYCDCC Bylaws.
  • knows the 2011 draft NYCDCC Bylaws.
  • knows the LMRDA; knows the NLRA.
  • knows Roberts Rules of Order.
  • is knowledgeable of the history and connections of the numerous current and former LU and council officers, delegates, and employees
  • has excellent communication skills – both verbal and written.
  • has no substance abuse issues.
  • can admit when wrong/incorrect.
  • is a Certified UBC Steward.
  • is the Job Steward Alliance (JSA) Assistant Meeting Coordinator (AMC).
  • is a ROMAC and ROMAC Subcommittee Member.
  • was born in, is a resident of and a homeowner in the Bronx.
  • has been married for 12 years; is the father of three children, all boys, ages ten, nine and two.
We have a great union now, but lets make it better!
Elect Dan Franco EST
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at any time.
You can contact me via email at danieljfranco1[at]gmail.com and 
by mobile phone or text at (917) 226-3447.

I truly thank you for your time and attention.

:: Make the Better Choice - Vote Top Line ::
::Elect Dan Franco NYCDCC EST::

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